How I Changed My Life with Seaweed, and How You Can Do It Too.

If you see me now, you wouldn’t recognize pictures of me from back in the day in Cornwall. I was unhealthy to the extreme, as many of my neighbors were. We grew up in a culture where we spend most of our nights in the pubs, not really concerned about being healthy. But as I grew older, I started feeling that I was missing something. I had no energy for anything and had aches all the time, which were not a good sign. Not even mentioning the other embarrassing ailments that I had. I could not go on the way I did.

A mate of mine, after heart attack scare, for which all the signs were there clear as day, found out about these kelp capsules that was supposed to have great health benefits, including detoxing and weight loss. I had to admit that I was both intrigued and skeptical. So after a bit of research and reading a certain book on why Japanese women live longer, I decided to go all aboard the health train. I could see my own life coming to a head. The warning signs, like big over the road billboards on my path of life, were there. I had to do something, or my heart attack scare could be next, and maybe I would not be as lucky as my mate.

Health Benefits of Seaweed

I looked at all the health foods in the organic produce aisles and all that, but that Kelp capsule never left my thoughts. That was the start of my personal research into seaweed. It turns out that dried or raw seaweed is quite a lot better than the type in capsule form because it contains all the nutrients of the capsule but also some extra fiber and such. Being a no-half-measure kind of guy, I started incorporating it into my diet.

The easiest place to start with was by replacing my usual junk food choices with sushi, focusing on maki and the like, which of course were wrapped in seaweed. Other lifestyle choices followed. The first month was tough, as you would expect it to be. Month two was easier. By month three I started feeling the difference. There was still quite a lot of work to do, as it turns out I was allergic to mold and had to move to a drier climate, but I still credit the change in food and the seaweed to kickstarting this journey to a healthier me.

Fast forward a few years,  some raw organic eating as well as the drier climate agreeing with me, and you could say I’m a changed man. I’ve taken charge of my health, and as such, my happiness. It all started with one small seaweed capsule and ended in under a sign shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Perhaps you don’t need to be as drastic in making changes as I have. That mate of mine with the Kelp capsules still gained the benefits of living a little better. Even small things such as that can kickstart your journey to better health. It is worth it, your body is the only one you will ever have, you will not get another one.

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