Four Great Places to Buy Seaweed in Las Vegas, Nevada

There’s been quite a lot of written on the health benefits of seaweed recently, and I’ve grown quite health-conscious as I’m growing a little older. As a Cornish man living below a sign company in Las Vegas Nevada, I found myself quite far away from my usual haunts for healthy foods, principally my favorite superfood, Seaweed. I’ve driven around and found four places close to me that have the best selection of seaweed related products I could find.

Greenland Supermarket

Greenland Supermarket is a Korean grocery store where I go should I need to buy dried seaweed in a larger quantity. The only downside is most of the packaging is in the Korean or in Japanese! However, the great prices make it worth it. I mean, I can buy enough dried seaweed to span a road banner made out of for the same cost that more popular health foods stockists have for a small amount. They also have a great selection of other interesting Oriental health foods to have a look at.

Whole Foods

Anyone who is even slightly health-conscious knows about Whole Foods, and the one in Las Vegas is a pretty good one. Once, I even saw a van with a PETA car wrap standing outside that branch. Those guys are pretty serious about their health foods, so I took that as a good sign. It is a little bit more pricey than some of the other options on this list, but what can you do? Sometimes you have to buy from the best.

168 Market

This is another Asian style grocery store, more focused towards Chinese clients. They’ve got a great selection of seaweed and all the things that relate to it, as you would expect, but the main draw is the food court they have inside the building. It may be worth your while to go inside to try their signature Dim Sum, roast duck or bubble tea, if that’s your fancy. Their produce section is quite extensive as well. This is the primary place where I’m going should I have a hankering for Dragon fruit. Just be sure to not expect to find parking easily, this place is quite popular and the parking lot is not the best.

Trader Joe’s

For more general store feel, I head to Trader Joe’s. The great thing about this place is that it feels just like the little country stores that I used to visit while in the UK. Cornwall had all these little shops where one could buy organic produce from and Trader Joe’s is the only place in Nevada that I’ve found it recreates that feeling. I’ve had some trouble with the product’s expiry dates though, so it may always be a good idea to look at the labels they’ve printed on the packaging. Apparently, this is an issue not only with Las Vegas’ Trader Joe’s, but with all of them.

If you would like to know more about Seaweed harvesting, then you should definitely check the video below:

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